TEDxFIU Announces Speakers for 2014


The College of Education is proud to be a Gold Sponsor for the 2014 TEDxFIU on November 13th 2014. The event will feature the College of Education’s Dr Charles Bleiker and David Menasche. The event is currently sold out, however the College of Education will be hosting a Simulcast of the live event from the Ziff Family Education Building. Seating is limited and you are required to RSVP in advance. Please click here to RSVP.

Educator Charles Bleiker

Charles-Bleiker-BWProfessor Charles Bleiker has spent more than 20 years working with at-risk children. His expertise is in developing educational interventions for ethnically diverse young children in poverty. A professor in the College of Education, he has pioneered a preschool math program with at-risk, Hispanic 4-year olds based on a series of games that teach children foundational math concepts. Dr. Bleiker’s research shows that the “MathWaysPreK” program offers children roughly a six-month boost in number knowledge. He is now adapting the program so that parents can teach their own children. His work has been widely published in academic journals and supported with grants from the Department of Education, the Children’s Trust and the Department of Health and Human Services.​

Author and English teacher David Menasche

David-Menasche-BWDavid Menasche ’97 is an award-winning teacher, author and cancer survivor. As a popular Coral Reef Senior High School English teacher, Menasche inspired his students, helping them through personal struggles and sharing valuable life lessons. In 2006, Menasche was diagnosed with brain cancer. The disease stole his vision, memory and mobility. After various surgeries, chemotherapy and a seizure, Menasche was unable to teach. Undaunted by the difficult road ahead, he decided to end his treatments and make life his classroom. He turned to Facebook with an audacious plan: a journey across America – by bus, train, and red-tipped cane – in hopes of seeing firsthand how his kids were faring in life. Had he made a difference? Within 48 hours of posting, former students in more than 50 cities replied with offers of support and shelter. To date, Menasche has travelled more than 8,000 miles to more than 30 cities visiting hundreds of students. His remarkable journey, which lasted 101 days, inspired his best-selling memoir, The Priority List: A Teacher’s Final Quest to Discover Life’s Greatest Lessons. Warner Bros. has bought the rights to the memoir; Steve Carell is slated to play Menasche in the film.